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The members of the ToRReZ Market Team are a collective of enthusiasts dedicated to the ideals of the "unrestricted internet," who resolved to enact a positive change. ToRReZ stands as a trailblazing "Community-Driven Marketplace." But what does this entail?

ToRReZ remains receptive to input from users, embracing any suggestions, enhancements, or feedback that might arise during their use of the platform. Pioneering the path, they introduce an open RoadMap that transparently outlines upcoming site improvements. Additionally, they're laying the groundwork for a voting mechanism, entrusting the community to steer the direction of ToRReZ's evolution.

Diverging from numerous other markets, ToRReZ's determination to foster a secure ecosystem for both vendors and buyers takes precedence. Their chief objective revolves around obliterating any conceivable threat to users or vendors in the event of market closure. This commitment drives their active promotion of Multisignature payments, whenever possible.

As staunch proponents of their self-declared status as a Community-Driven Marketplace, they channel substantial resources and vigor into a meticulously operational support framework and the market's overall functionality. Their ceaseless dedication ensures every user is tended to promptly. Every inquiry or concern finds a response within the span of 24 hours, for they firmly believe that no market participant should languish in a state of unanswered curiosity.

Modern markets predominantly adopt analogous software, endowing them with recognition yet rendering them more susceptible. ToRReZ has taken an unprecedented route, independently crafting the entire market framework from the ground up. In addition, their unwavering commitment to the market's user-friendliness takes center stage—a facet that has regrettably faded into the background as of late.

43341 sellers
(July 22nd, 2023)

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