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Certainly, the global pandemic has dealt a severe blow to the international trade sector, and the clandestine online marketplaces of the darknet have not been exempt from its impact. It is a formidable challenge to even make a rough estimate of the numerous platforms that succumbed to closure over the recent years. Nevertheless, the concealed corners of the web exhibit a robust and tenacious spirit when it comes to rebounding. It has withstood a multitude of significant setbacks and possesses the ability to endure many more, as its inherent essence despises any void. Thus, an array of fresh contenders within the marketplace has come forth since 2020, among which is the ViceCity Market.

It is heartening to observe an increasing number of newcomers choosing to emphasize security and actively engaging with the digital realm's community. This is why Vice City's aspiration to manifest an unparalleled degree of operational safety and user assistance is deserving of recognition. Yet, it remains to be seen if they can uphold the benchmarks they have set through this proclamation.

90341 sellers
(July 11nd, 2023)

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